Bold and contemporary

Lyn-Al creates elegant one off pieces of wearable art, celebrating her Indigenous Australian identity and country.

Bold and contemporary

Lyn-Al creates elegant one off pieces of wearable art, celebrating her Indigenous Australian identity and country.


Lyn-Al Young is a 23 year old Gunnai, Wiradjuri, Gunditjmara and Yorta Yorta fashion designer and artist living in Melbourne.

Lyn-Al's name has a intergenerational significance as she shares the same birthday as her nan and great nan, Lynette and Alice. Her name and brand is a reminder of the importance of connecting back and honouring her heritage every time she starts her design process.

Lyn-Al understands the importance of respect and cultural integrity and her responsibilities to her family during her creative design process. Each piece she creates is founded on the tree carvings and symbolic markings, waterways, totems/animal life, and landscapes of her four ancestral lands.

"My hope is that every person wearing one of my designs will sense the spirit of Walumarra Nungurra (protection and peace)."


This video shows the first time I painted on Gunnai country down at Wilson's promontory. As I painted my silk on the rocks I felt such contentment, as it connected me to my sovereign lands of my Great Nan Alice. This spiritual journey of connecting to and drawing from my lands and ancestors is part of my creative process whether painting on or off country.


Lyn–Al is excited to be working with David Jones and has developed an exclusive collection for NAIDOC week celebrations ‘Because of Her, we can’.

The exclusive NAIDOC collection for David Jones is titled, ‘ngu-ng-ga-dhaany’ meaning Carrier in Wiradjuri language.Lyn-Al wants to acknowledge, celebrate and bring honour to all women; mothers, sisters, grandmothers, aunties, nieces, cousins and friends.

Women elders and ancestors have carried their children, cultural knowledge, dreaming stories, history, connection to country, family and community. Throughout time, women have carried themselves with dignity, integrity and poise whilst supporting and creating pathways for our future.

The textures in this collection represent the basket weaving to symbolise our connectedness to one another. The curvy lines represent the cooloamon, which traditionally were used by ancestors to carry babies and cart food and water. The colours, landscapes, bush and water are symbolic of the nurturing and healing spirit that is deep within the fabric of every woman.

It’s because of them, we can

The NAIDOC week pop-up will run from 7 July until 22 July 2018 at David Jones Elizabeth Street and Bourke Street Mall stores, with limited edition scares available in both Merino wool and silk.


Fasheaming 'fashion dreaming' is a program that provides young people with a safe environment which enables them to dream freely and imagine their future. A place where they can express themselves and be supported to visualise their dreams and aspirations without fear of condemnation.

Lyn-Al's Fasheaming workshops are a creative space that provides participants to create wearable art and jewellery, the process enables everyone to be literally wrapped in their goals and dreams.